New Corporate Sponsor Reef Radiance, US distributor of Seneye Monitoring Systems

Dear MAKC Members,

Let’s give a big shout out to our new Corporate Sponsor, Reef Radiance of California!  Reef Radiance is the only US distributor for the Seneye Monitoring System.

Now you can monitor your Pond, Freshwater or Marine Aquarium right from the comfort of your Windows-based PC computer screen.  For the first time ever, all the information that you need to maintain a healthy and attractive pond or aquarium is right at your fingertips.

The Seneye system constantly and continuously monitors key parameters of your Pond or Aquarium and sends alerts to your email or mobile phone if a parameter goes out of range.

Reef Radiance has generously donated Seneye Pond Monitor which the Club will be raffling off at the Annual MAKC Meeting in June.

If you cannot wait until June, Reef Radiance if offering very special – one time – price on the Seneye Aquarium/Pond Monitors.  This offers ends at Midnight Sunday March 8, 2015. Please see the email notification that went out to all members for more information.

You can read all about the Seneye line of products on their site at

MAKC Meeting 3/1/15

On March 1, 2015 at 1:00 pm at Quality Koi (104 East Quillytown Rd Carney Point, NJ  08069) there will be a Special Meeting of the Mid Atlantic Koi Club (MAKC) for a vote on Bylaw changes.  The guest speaker will be Matt McCann of Quality Koi.

At the Executive Committee meeting on January 4, 2015, via Skype, the Executive Committee discussed the bylaws of Mid Atlantic Koi Club (MAKC).  We discussed ways to update the Bylaws to reflect the Executive Committee decisions and amend them to make future Club business easier to manage.

The first change occurs in Article lll Fiscal Year.  The payment and collection of annual dues shall begin on the first day of June of each year and end on the last day of May is being eliminated.  The new Bylaw will read:  The fiscal year shall begin on the first day of June of each year and end on the last day of May of the succeeding year.

Technology has changed so much over the years that we can bill membership dues electronically.  This year we will be sending out invoices via PayPal.  Even if a member does not have a PayPal account they can just print the bill and mail in their payment. 

The second change occurs in Article lV Annual Dues.  Dues as set by the Executive Committee are payable annually during the month of June, and privileges and voting rights shall be suspended for all members from the same household or family for which dues for the current fiscal year have not been paid by June 30 of each year. The dues for new members applying after the beginning of a new fiscal year shall be prorated on a monthly basis with the month of application counted as a full month. Those joining in January or after are also asked to join for the following fiscal year.

The new Bylaw will read: Dues as set by the Executive Committee are annual and the renewal date is one year after membership application has been accepted. 

The third change occurs in ARTICLE IX Duties of the Officers.

A. The duties of the President are:

1. To preside at the annual meeting;

2. To create committees as necessary to assist in accomplishing the purpose of the organization and to appoint chairpersons and members of such committees;

3. To supervise the affairs of the organization;

4. To cause the periodic publication of a newsletter for the advancement of the purpose of the organization and to appoint and supervise an editor of such newsletter;

5. To appoint custodians of the property of the organization other than funds; and

6. To take any other action as authorized or required by these bylaws.

In addition include new item 5a. Oversee yearly inventory of Club property with the custodian of the property and at least two other Club members in good standing. The results of the inventory will be published.