MAKC Board Announcement!

Dear MAKC Members,

 I am very pleased to announce that Carolyn Weise has graciously accepted the position of MAKC Board Secretary.  Carolyn has been a member of MAKC since 1996!  She started out as Secretary for the Metropolitan Chapter (which combined with the Long Island Chapter) and has continued to write articles for the MAKC magazine. 

 Carolyn brings a wealth of experience and an unrivaled passion for pond keeping.  She is the author of ABC’s of Pond, Pond Consumer Relations Manager at Ecological Laboratories, photo journalist, and long-time hobbyist. Although living in Florida now, she is an active part of the Club! Carolyn’s love of ponds and her real world hands on experience with pond keeping allows her to provide our Club members with practical, beneficial advice for the betterment of their ponds.

Jo Mead

MAKC President