MAKC 2017/2018 Election Results

Dear MAKC Members,

The results of the 2017/2018 Executive Board Election:

MAKC President Joann Mead

MAKC Vice President Herb Ehrich

MAKC Treasurer Anthony Vitale

MAKC Central Vice President Bruce Damme

MAKC Long Island Chapter Vice President Carolyn Matarazzo

MAKC Hudson Valley Chapter Vice President Herb Ehrich

MAKC South Chapter Vice President Bob Bianchi


The Club with also be hosting the AKCA Annual Meeting and Wet Lab on 

June 23-24, 2017.  This will be a great chance for our members to take a Wet Lab with Dr. Nick Saint-Erne.  Dr. Saint-Erne is one of the top aquatic vets in the US and author of Advanced Koi Care. If you are interested you can sign up at:


Jo Mead

MAKC President